Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Call of the Sirens

Walking by the river in the moonlight
boats tethered to the jetty, gently bobbing
ripples spread across the water
as leaves float on it
like miniature boats in a miniature sea;

The river seems like the sky
and the sky seems like an endless river
filled with smooth white pebbles
called stars;

I untie a boat
and gently dip an oar into the water
the water makes a musical tinkle
as the oar laps it;

The scent of the flowers
is like an aperitif
delicate yet divine;

The moonlight absorbs your mind
with its hypnotic rays;

You sing to yourself
a ballad heard only by the Gods
then you close your eyes
and rest in peace...


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silvenia said...

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lency said...

a very good poem to read ,.....
i think everyone who feels like to showcase there talent like this should come up and put there ideas together.

VT said...

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Pavan said...

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The Invisible Man said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments, though my reply comes extremely late, as I lost touch with this blog in the course of writing another, music-based one, called http://potofdreams.blogspot.com ...do check it out sometime, and thank you all again... :)

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